New Year’s Day in The Netherlands

Happy New Year! We brought in 2016 with a bang last night. We all ventured into the streets to experience how the Dutch ring in the New Year. Surprisingly Amsterdam is accustom to setting off fireworks in the streets where the crowds are. Many people will buy fireworks to partake in the festivities. Some will try and stay out of the crowd while setting off their fireworks, while others choose to throw some of the smaller fireworks into the crowd. No worries we all made it back safe with no burns to the hotel.

Once Midnight hit, there was fireworks going off all over the skyline. There was no part of Amsterdam that was not lit up with beautiful fireworks displays. It was a constant display until about 1 am. Without a doubt, America should take notes to celebrate 4th of July.  Along with the fireworks, many Dutch families will pile up their Christmas trees and set them on fire in the street.

This morning, more like noon, we set sail on a canal tour. This was very exciting because we were able to see a different view of all the buildings, bridges, and water sights. Amsterdam is known for some of the widest canals in the world and beautiful bridges.

Amber Sparenberg, Purdue University

Sights from our tour today.   The bottom pictures if of our hotel, which is next to the Amsterdam cruise ship terminal.  Last night three cruise ships were in the port to view the fireworks.  Two kept on their journey while this ship has been here about 24 hours.

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