Day 6: Thanaton Orchards

We plucked our agribusiness strings this morning as we toured the largest orange manufacturing plant in Thailand. The visit was engulfed in supply chain operations, agronomy and Agri-tourism.

The morning began with a quick visit to local fields of rice and garlic. Agronomy students enlighten the others as they showed the identification of certain cash crops.

We continued our travels as we  drove to the largest produce manufacturer in northern Thailand. Greeted with a cup of tea, we were introduced to the owner’s son and tour guide. He explained to us the overall footprint of the company. They then led us to the main manufacturing plant where we witnessed orange production. We followed the oranges as they were sorted, cleaned, and graded to the best quality of the consumers desire.

The owner of the company then joined us on our tour. He was a very kind man that exemplified the value of hard work and dedication towards a career endeavor. Being very gracious with our visit he urged us to share his story and operation. He explained that pictures of his facility were welcomed as it pushes the industry towards competition. His company welcomes competition as it makes his operation that much better. This is in contrast to some western food manufacturing plants.

We then pushed forward to the companies resort area and orchards. Agri-tourism was very much in focused. The company best combines relaxation and dedication to the highest degree. The 300 acre resort, nestled in the tranquil setting of the Thailand mountains, invited visitors to understand the value of hard work with the endless rows of oranges, coffee and bananas.


Lastly, we ended the day with a visit to the companies 1000 acre orchard. Lined with rows of oranges, bananas and coffee, the vehicle tour gave us the understanding of how the soil meets production. Questions from diseases prevention to agronomy practices were answered as workers cleaned the field of unwanted plants.


We greatly appreciate the time that the company set aside for us. These are practices of hard work, dedication and perseverance we will use in our future careers.

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