You are invited to join Agriculture Future of America in following our 37 AFA Global Fellows take capstone trips this winter break. These students were selected for the 40 Chances Program in 2012 and have since completed all four Tracks of AFA Leaders Conference.

In August, the group met in Minneapolis to explore domestic hunger issues. The winter break trips will allow the students to explore global hunger issues and the role of agriculture practices, policy and trade. The students will travel in three groups. Each group will spend approximately two weeks in one of the following countries: Bolivia, the Netherlands or Thailand. All of the global fellows will reconvene in Washington, D.C., following their travel to debrief and share what was learned.

Each country tab of this blog displays updates from that particular group. Visit the “all updates” tab to read about all of the groups. Students from each group will post throughout their trip when internet access is available. Some groups will not have access to internet every day.


One thought on “About

  1. Linda Maurer ( Sarah's mom)

    Thank you for the wonderful blogging all of you are sharing! It appears you are having a great time and great experiences!!! Have fun and be safe!


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